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2007 Kreuth

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Saturday August 11 2007 KREUTH RIDE

A cool gray misty morning greeted 21 riders on the 160 km at 5 AM, and 18 senior riders and 28 Junior riders on the 120 km at 6 AM, 23 riders on the 80 km (3 Juniors) at 7 AM, 11 riders on the 60 km at 8 AM, and also 12 riders on a 39 km ride ? enough to keep any of the veterinarians and stewards very busy!

Despite the fact that the German Championships were held just 2 weeks earlier, it was a large turnout of riders for the Kreuth Endurance ride, part of the 10th Show and Sportevent for Arabian Horses, put on by the ZSAA, the German National Breeding Association. Riders from 13 countries, and multiple champions from many countries showed up for the rides, including Italian Fausto Fiorucci (2001 European Champion), Frenchwoman Barbara Lissarague (2005 World Champion), Netherlands rider Carmen Romer (2007 Junior European Champion), Netherlands rider Yvonne Van Der Velde (2007 Dutch Champion), German Klaudia Al Samarraie (2007 German Endurance Champion, and wife of organizer Achmed Al Samarraie), and multiple German Junior Champion Annette Schwartze. (And I expect I probably left some champions out!)
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CEI*** 160 km

1.FRAVincent DupontUlysse De Suleiman
2. FRALudovic SaroulIlloco Eldrocol
3.ITA Andrea IacchelliDjamina
4.FRA Guy DumasIdryss Du Melay
5.GER Sabrina ArnoldToni Maccaroni
6.FRA Barbara LissarraguePersiah
7.NED Yvonne Van Der VeldeJoy Escobar
8.FRA Stephane ChazelIstanboul
9.HUN Jozsef TothO Bajan Facer
10FRA . Julien GoachetJassan Timothy
11.OMA Prince Loay Bin Ghalib Al SaidHedgard
12.AUT Karin EislFarino De Montagna
13.GBR Anna WilliamsHS Saboteur

CEI*** J-YR 120 km

1.FRA Nina LissarragueAicha De Bozouls
2.FRA Anne CharlotteSelik Ibn Shalimar
3.FRA Lisa RiouLaquib Armor
4.FRA Clementine ManohaKhalfa El Derkouch
5.ITA Maria Teresa FeliceHaras Ibn Halin
6.FRA Jean Daniel AielloCharia D'Alauze
7.FRA Sylvain DelpechLe Rafleur
8.OMA Prince Khalid Bin Ghalib Al SaidBuddy D
9.ITA Alice SpinazzeShampat
10.FRA Marion ValatGaicha
11.ITA Vittoria CiuchiAbisy'ncyzk
12.ITA Sara PellegriniGiorgia Delle Corse
13.ITA Iris BegherRoyal Mare
14.NED Jarmila LakemanSattarov
15.GBR Charlotte RobinsonPuleski
16.GER Rahel LewinRamadan Ox
17.GER Anna-Lena WeiershauserSGW Jaba Ox
18.GBR Carri Ann DarkElmstead Poloistique
19.GBR Abigail TennantChador
20.ITA Angelica AngeliLinus

CEI*** 120 km

1.- SUI Sandra BechterKalifa De Flauzin
2.GER Klaudia Al SamarraieAyman 2
3.ITA Simone Di BattistaFigaro De Murat
4.NED Jannet Van WijkLatino
5.AUT Alexandra EnglederHuba
6.ITA Leonardo BellacciniAklantis
7.GER Tanja PrielerSelma Zett
8.GER Jan OetjenMa Dona
9.ITA Elena BertoniSmooth Talker
10.ITA Carletto BertoniFleche Al Maury
11.GER Karin Bartscher-LofflerKismet Al Thawi
12.GER Christiane HerktOrbit

Images of the Day by Merri Melde

Vetting In

The Venue

Vetting In

The Start

The Morning

The Afternoon

The Finish

KREUTH: PRE-RIDE DAY- Friday August 10 2007

If you leave the Netherlands at 9:30 in the morning on Thursday, and you drive southeast about 10 hours, you end up in Kreuth, Germany, where you'd find a whole lot of endurance rides going on Saturday: a 39 km, CEI *60 km, CEI** 80 km and CEIJR**80 km, CEI*** 120 km/CEIJYR*** 120 km, CEIOJYR*** 120 km, CEI**160 km, and CEIO*** 160 km. Whew!

I hitched a ride with the Dutch Lamsma family, my hosts in Holland for a few days, and Jarmila Lakeman, Junior rider, and equines Sattarov, who she'd be riding in the 120 km ride, and Sattarov's chaperone, 5-year-old Mini-Shetland pony (and endurance horse, after his first 8 km ride) Panter.

It started raining as we left Holland, and it looks like it will never stop, ever. It will certainly make for cooler conditions for the 137 horses pre-entered in the rides.

The venue is a large beautiful equestrian sport center in Rieden-Kreuth in southern Germany. There are an abundance of stables, outdoor and indoor arenas, extensive riding trails, and hotel and apartments. This is the 10th year of the Show and Sportevent for Arabian Horses, put on by the ZSAA ? the German Arabian breeding association. Competitions include show jumping, eventing, dressage, and Western competition, with endurance as the highlight. Ahmed Al Samarraie is president of the ZSAA and the organizer of Kreuth, and Samarraie has pulled this event off without major sponsorship. He makes it look easy.

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