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Compiegne 2010

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Entries CH-M-YH (7 years old) 120 km Friday || Entries CH-M-YH (8 years old) 160 km Friday
Entries CEI** Sponsors Trophy 130 km
Teams CEI** Sponsors Trophy 130 km
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CH-M-YH 7 Years Old CEI** 120 km
CH-M-YH 8 Years Old CEI*** 160 km
Sponsors Trophy CEI** 130 km

2011 Compiegne Festival Mondial d'Endurance

Bahrain and UAE Take Young Endurance Horse Titles


22 August 2011
by Louise Parkes

Horse and rider combinations from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates claimed the titles at the FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Horses which took place at Compiegne in France last Friday. Over testing courses, and in intense heat, it was Bahrain's Salman Isa Al Radhi and Persepolia Larzac who returned the quickest time in the 8 Year Old division, while the UAE's Shames Sd Sn Al Marri produced a strong ride with Qatar La Majorie to win the 7 Year Old competition.

Endurance riding only developed into a competitive sport in the 1950s and arrived in Europe during the following decade. In 1982 it became an FEI-approved discipline, and gradually the number of events increased. In 1998 the World Championships were staged in the United Arab Emirates, with competitors from 47 Federations taking part, and this proved the catalyst for an explosion of growth in participation over the following years.

This year's FEI World Championships for Young Endurance Horses attracted competitors from 20 countries - Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britian, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay.

8 Year Olds
Of the 27 starters in the 8 Year Old Championship, a total of 14 were representing France, but the host nation had to settle for silver medal position when Bahrain's Al Radhi completed the 160 km course with an average speed of 19.442 kmh. Al Radhi, who only joined the Royal Endurance Team of Bahrain in 2011, was delighted with the performance of his mare Persepolia Larzac. "From the third loop I could feel her speed. I rode her in a 160km race in Germany this year and came fifth, but this is my first time in Compiegne" he explained.

Sandrine Lance and Movisko du Lauragais finished second for France with an average speed of 19.298 kmh, but felt she could have done better. "I now realise I could have gone faster" she said afterwards. "I was much too careful. When I saw the winner going faster I should have kept up with him but I didn't, and I left it too late to put things right. But I've had this horse since he was five so I'm pleased with my ride and my horse" she added.

Spain's Monica Comas Molist and Princesse de Campagne finished third when clocking an average speed of 19.269 kmh. "Princesse is a lovely mare, bred in France" said Molist. "Last year she was second in the 7 Year Old Championships. We only did a 90km ride earlier this year in preparation for coming here. My ambition is to be on the World Cup team for Spain, but it's been a dream to win in Compiegne!" she added.

7 Year Olds
There was an even larger field of 42 runners in contention for the 7 Year Old medals. This course ran over a 120 km track, and 14 of the starters were from France. But it was the sole representative from the United Arab Emirates who produced the winning performance, Shames Sd Sn Al Marri racing home with an average speed of 21.201 kmh from his horse, Qatar La Majorie.

"I've been riding in Endurance competition for five years, but this is my first win and my biggest win!" said the rider. "It's my first season in Europe. The course was difficult because of the hills, but I'm very happy. My ambition is to be always on the podium!" he added.

Once again a French rider came in second, Philipp Tomas crossing the line with Quotien Persky having recorded an average speed of 20.922. In modern Endurance competition, the emphasis is on the horse finishing in good condition rather than the one that finishes first, and it can take years for a partnership to develop to top level. Endurance requires extensive preparation, and key to success is the support crew who help ensure the health and well-being of both horse and rider during competition. Tomas carefully managed some concerns he had about his horse early in the race. "I was worried to begin with because he was not drinking that much, but after the third loop he was much better so I was happier. My policy is always to stay in touch with the leader and make my challenge on the last loop, but this time I just wasn't fast enough" he explained.

Qatar's Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim came home third with an average speed of 20.919 from Querotz de Benech. "I've competed here five times now, and for sure it's a great place. I won the 7 year Old Championship here in 2009, but this is the first time to be here with this horse. I think I will be on the Qatar team for the Open European Championship next month", the rider commented.

Ian Williams, the FEI'S Director of Non-Olympic Sports, attended the event and said, "it was very competitive, with a tough battle for the medals. As always, the Compiegne organisers have done a tremendous job, and the good completion rate is testimony to both the skill of the competitors and the quality of the horses".

7 Year Old Championship: GOLD - Qatar La Majorie (Shames Sd Sn Al Marri) UAE; SILVER - Quotien Persky (Philippe Tomas) FRA; BRONZE - Querotz de Benech (Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim) QAT.

8 Year Old Championship: GOLD - Persepolia Larzac (Salman Isa Al Radhi) BRN; SILVER - Movisko du Lauragais (Sandrine Lance) FRA; BRONZE - Princesse de Campagne (Monica Comas Molist) ESP.

2011 Compiegne Results

19 August 2011

Saeed Sultan Shames al Marri of the UAE, riding Qatar La Majorie, won the 7 Years Old CEI** 120 km on Friday 19th August at Compiegne in a time of 5:39.53, averaging 21.20 km/h.

It was a close race for second, with France's Philippe Tomas, riding Quotien Persky edging out Qatar's Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim on Querohz de Benech by 3 seconds. Tomas' riding time was 5:44.25, averaging 20.92 km/h.

40 riders started and 23 finished.


Salman Isa Al Radhi of Bahrain, riding Persepolia Larzac, won the 8 Years Old CEI*** 160 km on Friday 19th August at Compiegne in a time of 8:15.38, averaging 19.44 km/h. Finishing second was France's Sandrine Lance, riding Movisko du Lauragais, in 8:19.20, averaging 19.30 km/h. Spain's Monica Comas Molist, riding Princesse de Campagne finished third in 8:20.05. 20 started and 11 finished. Sunday is the Sponsor's Trophy CEI** 130 km Nations Sponsors Trophy. 130 are expected on the starting line.

Photos by Osama Mohammed

CEI** 7 Years Old 120 km & CEI*** 8 Years Old 160 km - Friday 19 August

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Should we come back (again)? - Leonard Liesens


This is a new post in a new column. Don't expect a self-congratulation newsletter or similar. There are enough on the Net. Grogallo raised the issue in some old posts. Here they are. here.

This week-end in Compiegne was not brilliant for the Belgians. Except for the Van Cauter brothers, but they were riding horses brought from Spain by the Belgian team vet Peter Wijnendaele. We have to come to the conclusion that either we don't have the horses or we don't have the means to compete seriously in Compiegne.

This 2011 vintage - can we use this word for horses? - was impressive in quantity and quality of the horses brought to the-always-magnificent-venue of Compiegne. The Gulf states have showed some of their best recruits - mostly French-bred horses - trained in the professional French stables. Of course, as they use to do so, they were in the lead of the race from the beginning. Beside the best UAE, Bahrain and Qatar's horses, there were some of the best French horses ridden by the professional riders who were not working as crew for the Arabs teams.

The foreigners - except a couple of horses including the Dutch horse Kain ridden by Lizelore Van Zetten who got stuck for a long time at the last vetgate for finally pass with 48 BPM - were just having a walk-on part. Just like giving away 500 Euros to take the start of this prestigious race was enough to make them happy.

But why are the French horses so good?...


Spain's Monica Comas wins bronze in the World Cup 8 years Raid at Compiegne


21 August 2011

[google translation]

Riding "Princesse de Campagne", the Spanish Monica Comas took the bronze medal at the FEI World Championship for horses eight years, played on 19 August at the World Festival of Compiegne Endurance. Riders and horses from twenty countries took part in the French tournament.

The test was a CIS3 * 160 km was imposed on Salman Isa Al Radhi, with an average speed of 19.441 km / hr riding "Persepolia Larzac." Bahrain Rider excelled in just over three-four minutes, respectively, the French Sandrine Lance ("Movisko du Lauragais") and Monica Comas, whose third place confirms the quality of his Arabian mare from France, which last year was silver in the same place at the World seven years. Among the eleven classified 20 participants, was not the Spanish also Mary Nicholas, eliminated "Jascal" after the fifth and penultimate stage.

In the Championship for seven years (CEI2 *, 120 kms.) Was the UAE Sultan Shames Shames Al Marri who signed his first win with an average of 21.201 km / hr. sobre “Qatar La Majorie”. on "Qatar's Marjorie." Separated by just three seconds, the Frenchman Philipp Thomas ("Persky quoties") and Nasser Al Faleh catarí Bughaneim ("Querotz of Benech") were second and third respectively, just over four minutes behind the winner. The eleventh position, 16 minutes, corresponded to Marta Pujadas and "bin Kemal Troika", the only Spanish binomial classified as "Gazal Pakli" Alex Luque's horse did not exceed the metabolic controls in the fourth and final phase. Of the 41 participants, 23 were able to qualify.

Two days later he played the Patrons Trophy (Trophée des Sponsors) CEI2 * 120 km. completed by 57 pairs of 140 participants, including Spanish Javier Cervera (9 °, 19.611 kms / hr. with "Lara Lark"). Were not so fortunate fellow Alex Luque, Mary Nicholas, Silvia Yebra, and Elisabeth Ruth Comas Font (the four Amazons formed the team FEI). The victory was again Arab Emirates thanks to Salman Ali Al Sabri and "Ojai dents de Lion" (21.305 km / hr.).

Shaikh Nasser leads Royal Endurance Horse racing team to second place in French Championship


Paris, Aug 21 (BNA) Bahrain’s Royal Endurance Horse racing team continued its achievements at the French Endurance horse racing championship adding yet another win by clinching second place after the UAE team in the 120-km race led by Captain of the team Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The French had to settle for third place in a tightly fought competition between all the top world teams. A total of 40 teams took place in the race and 142 riders from various world countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.

The team came second place after covering the race in 19:35:57 after a tough challenge against world teams throughout the fifth stage.

On this occasion Shaikh Nasser extended his thanks and appreciation to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for his continued support and follow-up for the Royal Endurance Horse racing team in all participations that resulted in the achievements accomplished.

He also extended his thanks and appreciation to the President of the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance horse racing federation Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa on his efforts in following up the team during its participation in the championship and his keenness towards elevating the moral spirits of the team and riders.

Omani Rider Qualifies to World Endurance Championship Finals


Muscat, August 22 (ONA) --- The Omani rider Ali bin Hassan al Farsi riding the horse (Rafaro) managed to qualify to the World Endurance Championship 2012 to be held next year in Britain. Al-Farsi is the third rider from the Royal Cavalry to qualify to the World Endurance Champion Finals 2012 after two other riders Mahmoud bin Marhoon al Fouri and Ahmed bin Salim al Hamdani who also qualified.

Al-Farsi's qualification to the World Endurance Championship Finals came after his success in French Kompian Endurance Championship for (125) km.

135 of the world's best riders have taken part in the race from Britain, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Sultanate.

The race was held on five rounds. The first round is (32) km, the second is (27) km, the third is (25) km, the fourth is (21) km and the final fifth round is (20) km.

Shaikh Nasser Congratulates Salman Isa On Winning the World Endurance Championship



Manama-August 19 (BNA) Royal Endurance Team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa congratulated Salman Isa who won the World Endurance Championship for eight-year old horses. He finished first in the 160-km-race which was held in Compian, France. This is the first time Salman Isa takes part in European endurance championships.

He won the six-stage race, after fierce competition with EU and GCC riders. French Sandrine Lance and Spanish Monica Komas finished second and third respectively.

Salman Isa extended sincere thanks and appreciation to Royal Endurance team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa for keenly following up his participation in the World Endurance race for eight-year old horses in France.


Isa wins 160-km ride in Compiegne


Saturday, August 20, 2011

HIS Majesty King Hamad made a congratulatory phone call last night to Bahrain Royal Endurance Team rider Salman Isa, who won a 160-kilometre ride for horses eight years old and under, held yesterday in Compiegne, France.

Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa also made a call to Isa, congratulating him on his achievement.

Isa won the gruelling six-stage race in a time of eight hours 15 minutes 38 seconds. He overcame a top-quality field that included participants from Europe and the rest of the GCC.

France's Sandrine Lance was the runner-up, while Spain's Monica Comas came third.

August 15 2011

The World Festival of Endurance in Compiegne will be held 18-22 August.

the Young horse championship CEI** 120 km - 7 years old, and the CEI*** 160 km - 8 years old will take place on Friday 19th August; and the CEI** 120 km Sponsors Trophy will take place on Sunday 21st August.

43 riders from France, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Oman, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, and Luxembourg have entered the 120 km; 27 riders from France, Oman, Portugal, Brazil, German, Qatar, Bahrain, Spain, Great Britain, and Slovakia have entered the 160 km; 131 riders from France, UAE, SLovakia, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Oman, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Uruguay have entered the 130 km Sponsors Trophy