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Endurance.Net Home 2007 Pan Arabian Endurance: Cairo Egypt
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Egypt Equestrian Federation

El-Estad El Bahary Street
Nasr City
Federations Building

Tel. (20 2) 2402 92 65
Fax: (20 2) 2261 65 75
mailTo: info@eef.com.eg
http:    www.eef.com.eg

Trail Map


Through Loop 3 - November 19 2007

It's 2:30 pm and I'm feeling a little schizophrenic. The internet connection is so glacial that I could easily spend hours in the press tent. Then I have to hike to the vet gates for the in/out times and the variation between the front runners and the back of the pack is so huge that there is at least a loop's difference between the two. Right now, as far as I know based on my last print out, the UAE, Qatar and Egypt are the only teams in the running for team medals. Everyone else has lost too many horses to qualify. The UAE are running hard and fast with one rider from Saudi Arabia chasing them at the end of loop 3 (they are going to be out on loop 5 soon however) and one from Bahrain before a trio of Qatari riders is moving up. Of course, by the time I actually get this posted and trot down to the timers, the situation may have changed. AND correction, the two Syrian women were not out of time, they were just running at the back of the pack.

The pulls so far: Loop 1

Ayman Harrous, Libya, lameness Mohsen Abood, Libya, lameness Khalid Rajab, Libya, lameness

Shakib Wahib Qabbani, Jordan, horse cut by stone on coronary band on trail (but ok) Jehad Shameltoq, Jordan, lameness Homoad Al Shamari, Jordan lameness

Loop 2

Bader el Fard, Saudi, metabolic Manal Majeed Fakhrawi, Bahrain, retired (rider option) Sh. Salman bin Saqer al Khalifa, Bahrain, lameness Yusuf Ali Yusuf, Bahrain, retired Mohamed Mdani, Libya, retired

Saif Nasri Nuwwar, Jordan, lameness Abdul Hamid el Salah, Jordan, retired

Loop 3

Ghazi Mohamed Al Doseri, Bahrain, metabolic Raed Mahmoud, Bahrain, metabolic Atta Mohamed Peer, Qatar, retired Fahad Mohamed Al Hajiri, Qatar, retired Lutfi Faraj Omer, Egypt, retired Mohmed Jabar Faraj, Egypt, lameness Abdul Rahman Al Hawas, Saudi, metabolic