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Endurance in Colombia
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A First FEI Endurance Event

Colombia hosts it's first FEI CEI Events!

Starting Endurance

Why Colombia?.. Endurance!
Colombia - Bogota - it's safe, it's beautiful, the people are wonderful, the food is fantastic. I really didn't know what to expect, I know so little about this lovely country with such a bad reputation. ... more

Observations - Colombia
...I've been to Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico - but Colombia just never registered as a possibility. And I am a bit embarrassed now of my ignorance. It couldn't be more different from my vague imaginations of riding through the jungle, looking over my shoulder for dark men slipping through the shadows, clad in jungle fatigues carrying AK47's, of breaking out of the trail onto a road crossing, there to encounter armed guards in jeeps, radios crackling, rifles stacked high in the back seat... ok, I exagerate, too many bad movies, but I was so very wrong about this country! ...more

Endurance in Colombia
Colombians are fairly new to Endurance, having held their first 'official' (regulated) Endurance event in 2001. A small core group of riders have gradually built the sport up, and now they are ready to join the ranks of International Endurance - FEI. ... more