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Endurance in Australia

Imbil is a small village situated in the pineapple and hoop pine forest areas, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Imbil is also the home of the famous Faraway marathon and Easter carnival.
Imbil Images by Merri
BC Images by Merri

Results for Imbil FEI ***
160 km Open

110:08.10Brook SampleBrookleigh Casper
210:17.09Penny ToftDon
311:10.00Tony StandfieldSha'Almalih
411:37.50Joyce CorbettReeflex
512:32.07David HortonEskdale Espirique
612:32.08Garry BennettFreelance Gaytu Boysey
712:59.56Dean ChamberlainZara Farm Shadasj
814:24.35Albert KnightAbbeywood rumor
914:24.36Kerry MckaySundown Park Miss Jacob
1015:26.22Mark NimonAbbeywood Solitare

Results for Imbil FEI ***
160 km Youth

110:17.10Brooke WarnerZalman
210:45.46Kaylea MaherRaaward kasmin
312:00.58Terri AndersonHillbrae Kazsan
413:07.43Chloe LyonsStanpark Strike
513:08.42Aimie NewtonStanpark Simone
714:27.17Bridget NottleStar of Bell

Imbil 160km FEI Ride

IMBIL - Friday May 4

It was oh-so-nice and chilly overnight, and foggy in the morning, though once the fog burned off, it started warming up very rapidly.

Peter had left Imbil for home at 4 AM because he had, as usual, dozens of things going on he needed to take care of. Before the heat got too out of control, Penny and Brooke went for a ride on Don and Bronco, and Melissa and Alexandra went for a ride on Kamahl and Jazzmin, while Jaimee cooked breakfast sandwiches, ham and eggs, for us. Alexandra is a year too young to ride in 160 km FEI rides yet, (14 is the limit) but she's looking forward to her first one.

After lunch we took the horses out for a walk, which turned into more of a grass-eating outing. This was the first real grass the horses had seen in who-knows-how-long, and we let them rip it up. We didn't have much of a choice anyway because we couldn't drag them away! It got so hot in the sun that we retreated to the shade of a big tree and let them eat under that for a while. We had to tug hard on them to get them to go back to their pens. Jaimee and Penny noticed later that Don was not happy because all the horses had to go through his pen to get to theirs; so Don was moved to a back pen where he wouldn't be bothered all the time.



Tuesday - Thursday May 1-3 2007

TUESDAY The ride at Imbil this weekend (Sunday at 2 AM, to be precise) is a 160 km FEI ride. It's a harder ride - lots of hills and hard roads, and people have tended to get lost here, and the winning time will probably not be fast. Peter's not completely sure yet which horses are going, or who's going to be riding them, but Don is a definite ride for Penny (so far).

Today Don got a good shampoo bath. Opinions are pretty much divided right down the middle as to whether Don is beautiful or ugly. I of course think he's beautiful, as does Penny. I went up to pet Don as he was drying off, but he wasn't even interested in sniffing me. Not a people horse. DOesn't hate them; just not interested. Some of the girls say he's a grumpy old man, and I've found that he sure doesn't pose with his ears forward much.

The usual work around the barn went on: feeding, horses on the walker, horses on the treadmill, horse baths, a few horses ridden, Gary shoeing horses.