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Endurance in Argentina

2004 Pinamar
Images by John & Steph
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Steph's Stories: Argentine Arabian Horse Society Endurance Ride || Life on the Pampas
Relaxed Anticipation || The Ride Part 1 || The Ride Part 2

Leonard's Story: Argentina Adventure

Pinamar, Argentina

Saturday 20 de March 2004 - The Federation Ecuestre Argentina announces that on the 18 to the 21 of March of 2004, there will be a National and an International Competition at the Ecuestre Club, in the city of Pinamar, Pcia. of Buenos Aires, runaccording to FEI Regulations of Endurance. There will be four International tests, of distances of 40, 80, 120 and 160 km.

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March 13, Argentine Arabian Horse Society Endurance Ride Pinamar, Argentina

By Steph Teeter

Today I rode a 45 km Endurance ride in Argentina! For this week and next, I am the guest of Miguel Pavlovksy. Miguel is a medical doctor, a hematologist, in Buenos Aires. He and his wife Celina own and operate a large estancia in the pampas, south of Buenos Aires. The estancia produces agricultural products (corn, soy, sunflower), cattle and sheep, and is most famous for its Arabian horse breeding program. Haras San Andres del Moro is the home of truly exceptional performance (track, driving and endurance) Arabian and Arabian cross horses. With over 30 mares and several foundation stallions, the Haras is very productive. The 'Moro' horses are beautiful, with size and substance. One of the foundation stallions 'Fugativo’ who has sired most of the 'Moro’ endurance horses has also performed well in dressage, jumping and driving. His strength and versatility are typical of his offspring as well, with good minds and a very willing work ethic...


Life on the Pampas

We returned to Miguel and Celina’s estancia Sunday last afternoon. I had spent the morning working on photos and checking my email at one of the Internet Cafés in Pinamar. Miguel picked me up at the hotel and we took a small tour of Pinamar, a very charming beach resort town, and he showed me the various hotels and villas that were available so I could report back to the USET folks in case they sent staff and riders to the Pan Americans next year.

We coincidentally met a friend of Miguel’s - Alina (Lola) Gonzales Vidal (a trainer and rider who has been working in the Emirates) and Jason Kirk, the Australian trainer at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club. Jason was in Argentina looking at endurance horses, and after talking with Alina and Miguel he decided to come the next day to Miguel’s to look at his horses. Argentinean horses are becoming well known now in the Emirates, horses bred and sold by Los Estribos (Elena Romero Onata) recently placed 1st and 5th at the Presidents Cup, and 1st at another recent Emirates race - so Argentina is the new ´hot spot´for endurance horses. There are many buyers coming to look for both younger horses (5, 6 yrs) and horses that have competed well, especially at 160 km.


Relaxed Anticipation

Beatiful morning! Coffee and toast at the hotel then off to the stable which will be full of activity today.

Lots of rain yesterday, poured and poured for a couple hours, then cleared up, the course should be perfect, the rain will settle the sand and make it easer for the horses.

Yesterday we moved the horses to the official stable at the Hipocampo. Did registration stuff, looked around, checked horses, visited the other barns, then it began really really raining - like the downpours in Virginia - warm rain though.

We had lunch at the cottage. Jose and Ana Maria Novoa (from Chile) arrived the night before. Ana will ride one of Miguel´s horses, Mora Peteco, on the 120. She was at the President's Cup in Abu Dabi, and just got back from Quatar, doing a race there...


The Ride

The morning after... perfect sunny clear day. BC showing is this morning, and the awards ceremony will be later at 11am. Like all rides, the morning after is different for everybody! Some are grinning from ear to ear, some are smiling on the outside, but inside there is disappointment and worry. I still don´t have all the official results, but hope to have a copy today, and can post them this evening after we return to Buenos Aires.

Miguel´s group had a mixed day. Miguel and Luli were both eliminated from the 160 after the first 35 km loop, great disappointment. One of his friends (a vet) looked at all the horses later in the afternoon to see if he could tell what was wrong. Mora Austria was still a little off in the right front, but no heat or swelling. Miguel will take her in for xrays and a complete exam this week. Mora Numien (Luli´s horse) trotted sound, but the vet thought she was a little short in the rear, maybe a cramp from all the sand. Maiko´s horse (Mora Fogoza, the horse I rode last weekend) was sound, but also a little stiff in the hind quarters. And my horse, Mora Curativa trotted sound in the grass, but when the vet checked her feet and legs noticed that she had lost a shoe, which explains why I though she didn´t feel right when we left for the 2nd loop, especially on the pavement. duh...


The Ride

Pinamar, Pan Am Pre-ride Wrap-up

All in all, the Pan American pre-ride at Pinomar was a great success. There were only minor glitches, the mixup with the 80km riders on the beach, and a few ribbons pulled in the afternoon, causing some confusion with the 160km trail. I think this is a great place for the Pan American Championship. Good trail - there is a lot of sand though, I heard that the organizers might be looking for some other harder roads and trails to include next time - There was some of both, but probably too much sand overall, especially after many horses went over the same track. The vetting area and crewing areas were perfect. Nice smooth grass for trotting, easy traffic flow in-out of vetting area, plenty of space and water for crewing. They use a LOT of water here cooling their horses - pumps and hoses and spray rather than buckets and sponges. The area was like a small lake at one point, but sandy so it eventually drained...