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FEI World Endurance Forum identifies areas for further action

The proceedings of the FEI World Endurance Forum held in Paris (FRA) continued today in an exemplary spirit of cooperation and constructive work. The chairmen of the three working groups - Fred Barrelet (SUI), Veterinary; Maurizio Stecco (ITA), Judges; and John Robertson (GBR), Technical Delegates - presented summaries of the workshops which took place in the afternoon on the first day of the Forum. Thanks to these summaries, the following specific areas, where change and improvement were necessary, were identified:

  • qualification system;
  • equitation training;
  • public perception of the sport in terms of the dress and terminology used;
  • horse log book;
  • rest periods;
  • suspension of riders and horses;
  • protocol for abandonment;
  • ride finish system;
  • hold / presentation times;
  • course design;
  • star system for ride distances;
  • availability of qualified officials;
  • monitoring of the officials' performances;
  • re-evaluation of the low-level distances and the potential dangers linked to them;
  • number of vetgates and their link to the going;
  • weights;
  • progressive closing of vetgates;
  • establishment of regional championships and CEIOs;
  • development of a comprehensive database;
  • adequate technology;
  • examination of a handicap system;
  • progression through star-rating of rides on national and international level;
  • education of officials;
  • re-examination of the best condition award rules.

Almost half of these areas where reassessment was required were identified in all three presentations.

On the basis of these recommendations and with the further contribution of the National Federations, a task force will be created, the goal of which will be to assist the FEI in producing new Rules of Endurance better suited to the changing circumstances and the massive growth the sport is experiencing.

It is important to emphasise that there is a great sense of unity and agreement in the discipline of Endurance and a strong feeling of belonging to the world equestrian family.

The full presentations of the working groups, as well as documents pertaining to the Forum are available in pdf format on the FEI website > Endurance > Documents

(direct link http://www.horsesport.org/e/documents/draft_schedules.htm)