First Night Ride

Today we have a night ride planned if it isn't pouring rain. We work the horses twice a day, so we goth there early to feed, clean and hand walk for an hour. We wanted to send the riders back to the hotel for R&R before the night ride. Some of us still needed clothes for the closing ceremonies se we did a quick shopping, found our dresses and still had time for a nap.

At 8:00pm we started saddling up. The entire barn, Canada, Japan and the U.S are in the same barn. Japan is with us because their horses are both from North America and the hroses are grouped by location - North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. When I arranged for the ride I was told the OC would like the entire barn to go on the same night. With 13 horses going out it felt almost like the start of a ride. The rain was holding off - the first and only night since our arrival that it has not rained at night.

One of our horses needed new shoes so we decided to have that horse hand walked. Jim and I went along with the rider so we could see what the trail would be like at night, and to justify the piece of chocolate cake we had each had at dinner. We walked for about two hours very briskly and got back tot he stables just ahead of the riders. Every one was happy with how the ride had gone. Away from the venue visability was fairly good, they were able to practice when to use a head lamp, how to read the GPS and just generally check it out. One hour back to the hotel and in bed by midnight.


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