Team Work

Did I mention that in addition to driving on the opposite side of the road and families on motor scooter there is the added complication of goats and cows wandering into the road?
Our adventures in driving have been increased with the addition of our new "toaster" car. It is the size and color of a toaster. Anyone riding in that car has been christened at "toaster person".

The horses have been bumped up to three 10 minute trots and 5 minutes of canter. It is so easy to keep these people happy. I get to let them work harder and longer and they get happier. The good news is the horses are happy too. They are handling the heat and humidity with ease. Pulse rates are normal, temps everyone eating and drinking well (a couple of horses are eating just a little too well!)

Tonight we had a barbeque at the Sutra Beach Hotel. My laundry had not returned from being cleaned and I had no clean shirts to wear shat soever. My plan was to get back to the hotel and quickly do some shopping. On the way home we stopped for gas - as I went in to pay I spotted some shirts hanging in a corner. They had 3 really nice Batiks, one looked about the right size and it went perfectly with my purple pants. I snagged it, had a great outfit and it only cast $5.00. Score!

It was pouring rain, when we arrived at the Sutra around 8:30pm. As I looked around the other tables I noticed everyone was very quiet, people were eating, then looking tired. When we asked to see what time the bus was leaving we were told 11:30. Whoa! Way too late for us. A few riders had gone tot he barn to do evening feeding and had driven our great truck tot he Sutra. We decided to all go home in it. Since it was pouring rain, we put seven people in the cab(some lap sitting was involved) and two in the bed of the truck. The back has a sort of a covered wagon type cover, but it does leak and the bed of the truck was full of water. Our good sports were Kathy Brunjes and Jim Bryant. It turned out they had the best deal. The truck quickly dried out, they had plenty of room to stretch out. Those of us wimps inside were squashed, had cramped thises and thats. The back door seemed spring loaded when we finally were able to open it. Still, we were home by 11:00 - half an hour earlier than the bus was due to leave. We had to be up early the next day so off to bed we went.


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