The Routine

Chef’s Blog Oct 24th

Not too much to report - we are getting into a routine of feeding, cleaning, walking, lunch, riding an feeding. In between there is clipping and grocery shopping. Everyone was tired yesterday – possibly a combination of our late night watching the dancing the night before, or the fact that several of us were gastronomically and intestinely challenged for about 24 hours. Everyone is brighter today and back on track.

The horses have moved right in to their new home and have relaxed. They are much less worried when a stable mate leaves that upon arrival. They are eating like they have never seen food before. We are dealing with the usual minor problems that seem to crop up at these types of events – scratches and “leg crud”. Yesterday the riders were elated to be able to actually ride their horses, even though it was just walking. Today they will be able to trot after a 30 minute warm-up walk, then trot for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes for 4 cycles, and cool down for 20 minutes. We want our exposure to the weather to be gradual and we want to avoid tying up. The blood work taken on the horses yesterday was normal, so Dr. Bryant and I feel good about letting them trot a day earlier than planned.

The workouts will be gradually increased in speed and distance until we do a 20 mile ride at a good pace. After that ride we will do blood work again.

In our barn international cooperation is at its best. Yaguchi of Japan, offered to go on a mission to China Town, to buy the Americans some Danish beer, which we share with the Janponse and Canadians.


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