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28th Annual Tall Pines Endurance Ride

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From the Horse's Mouth, Easycare Inc

What's the best way to spend Mother's Day? Go to an endurance ride with your Mom, rough it in a tent and ride a hard 55 miles together. Yes, Mother's Day is a week away but it was still a blast.

My Mom and I did the 28th annual 55 mile endurance ride on Saturday. I did this ride several times as a junior in the 80's and several times in the late 90's and again in early 2000. It was great to go back and see all the familiar faces.

Tall Pines is a wonderful ride put on by the Trinkle and Kinter families. This year was the second year of a new base camp in a flatter, less hilly area. I thought the ride would be easier than the old trail but boy was I wrong. The first loop was relatively easy with good footing but was every bit of the 26.5 miles listed on the map. We set off on the second loop assuming the same. The second loop was roughly 15 miles and ended up taking around 4 hours. It was supper hilly and the footing was brutal. It's one of the toughest loops on any ride.

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