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Winter Hoof Care

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Chill Out on Hoof Care Concerns
by: Sushil Dulai Wenholz
November 01 2006, Article # 8004

Whether winter means a well-deserved break for your horse or the start of the "snowbird circuit," your horse's hooves might need some special "seasonal" attention. Exactly what adjustments you'll want to make depends on the type of winter weather you endure, how much and where you ride, and, of course, your individual horse.

In this article, Certified Journeyman Farriers Tim Quinn of Jeddo, Mich., and Richard Duggan, owner of the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing in Ramsey, Minn., walk you through top points to consider as cooler days descend.

Wet Weather Worries

In many parts of the country, winter means wet weather, from snow and chilling rains to high humidity. That can set the stage for an increase in bacterial and fungal issues, including thrush. And those can lead to hoof deterioration and lameness.



Winter is definitely a hard time for hooves. If you have a question about your horses hoof condition or shoeing, try Ask the Farrier at http://goodhorseperson.com
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