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California Wildfires, Git-R-Done Endurance Ride Organizers Lose Home

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Several wildfires are burning out of control in southern California, driven by Santa Anna winds with sustained wind speeds of 20-30 mph, and gusts up to 60mph.

Organizers of the October 27 Inyokern, CA Endurance ride Tammy and Charlie Robinson were forced to evacuate their home outside of Saugus as the fires overtook their property. They are currently staying at the home of their daughter Charlene Lewis of Leona Valley Riding Center.

Charlene reported on the situation:

"We have some bad news! We are canceling Git-R-Done ride due to some extremely unfortunate events, as today my parents home has burnt, Tammy and Charlie Robinson. We were barely able to get all 11 horses out, 5 dogs, 1 goat, and 2 cats. All the chickens and birds and 4 other cats did not make it. We just didn?t have enough time! As we were pulling out the driveway the trees and shop was on fire that?s adjacent to the home. Not a single fire truck in site, it was the most hopeless feeling! As most of you know this was a family built home and a lot of heart and soul went into it. Many of you have been there at the X-mas party. This is a huge loss and extremely sad for my family. We will not be putting on the Git-R-Done ride so please contact your friends and spread the word. My family is here at my ranch now. If you really have to contact me for any questions. All checks will be cancelled if they are not burnt already."

California fire officials caution residents that the winds are predicted to continue for at least another day and to have an evacuation plan in place if need be.



I sadly know exactly what you and your family are going through.

No one can imagine what it is to wake up one morening and realize everything is gone.

Thank god the horess and most of the animals are ok.

I am so sorry about the other animals. My heart still aches over one of my birds who I was not able to get out of my house before it was on fire.

We are concerned at this point that the Piru fire may come through Moorpark as it did four years ago.

When things settle down if your family needs housing for any of the horses or the goat please let me know.

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