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News from The GSFHR with 2 days to go

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Posted by Michael Maul to Ridecamp

In first place with two days to go is Scott Griffin of Seattle, WA
supported by Suzy Kelley on multiple horses - new rider to the
sport this year with about 500 miles. He's riding Arab/Half-Arab
horses. Team name Mission Not Impossible
Team Mission Not Impossible

Second place is Karen Fredrickson of Kneeland, CA riding the same
horse all the days. Karen has nearly 9,000 endurance miles nd is on the Pac North Outlaws team with jim and Cindy Brown and Linda Tribby. Bio on the page below.

Team Pacific North Outlaws

Other riders on the same horse for all the days so far are Jim
Hole of Rocklin, CA with 830 endurance miles on Mixed/Mule

Team Hole

Bonnie Yoho of Salem, AR with about 700 endurance miles riding
Tennessee Walking Horses, Standardbred Team name Misfit ranch

Team Misfit Ranch

Teresa Wilcox has been back in camp since Wednesday.

Sandy Olson is still in the hospital in traction.


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