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Namibia: Chante's Walvisbaai story

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Dear Mrs.Steph
I am whriting to you so i can tell you the story what hapened in Walvis,im the girl who came 2nd in the junior 120km ride after my horse jumped over a car,my name is Chante Nell and i also wanted to know if you know about someone who captured it on film? or if you have photos of the race.Well 1st i want to say,beeing Afrikaans im not that good at spelling eng. so please forgive me,O.K to cut to the chase,Im just going to tell you from the part when we were on Dune7As you know we were 4 Namibian riders and 5 SA riders,when we reached Dune7 my legs gave in and my grey arab mare(Henham Zhara or just Zahra) pulled me up the dune(i will send you a photo which was taken on that time)we were the first riders who climbed Dune7 that day,and believe me after riding 110km it wasnt nice.Everybody knew theire would be a race so the horses and riders were charged with exitement,when we reached the buttom (THE RACE) for 1st place started we went full speed and the horses felt like they had a suden burst of energy,i held Zahra back in 4rth place,as we came into town we crosed the road i let Zahra go and boy did she go!!i went into 3rd,2nd and just as i wanted to pass the lead horse,a driver ignoring the trafick patrol drove in front of me and Ashley managed to mis the car but i froze up and screamed,luckily Zahra kept her head together and she jumped,when she landed i stoped her and everyone passed me,Zahra sudenly turned around an ran like hell i yelled:"gaan Zahra gaan ,doen dit vir my!!!"(go Zahra go do it for me!!!) she was 5th,4rth,3rd,2nd an thats were she stayed loosing with four seconds people said we raced at the speed 47km/p/hour some said 56km/p/hour i dont realy know,but one thing i realy know is everything hapened so fast and that i have a amazing horse!!!and a friend.theire isnt a english word for that ride i just want to say: "dit was lekker!."it means fun,exiting,happines and saddnes in 1 so that is my story!

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