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    EuroXciser Machines for Horses

    Can a EuroXciser Horse Exerciser improve the endurance performance of your horses? Can an exerciser be used for general fitness, warm ups, cool downs and rehabilitation work? The answer is yes; a horse exerciser is a transformative training aid to improve the fitness and performance of your horses.

    A EuroXciser is different from a traditional horse walker; there are no tie in leads between the machine and horse. The partitions connected to the arms provide an open moving space for the horse to move naturally within. Horse exerciser machines are larger as well to reduce the turning stress on the horse. EuroXciser makes machines from 51’ diameter to 73’ diameter. The 51’ machine is ideal for walking. The 61' and larger machines are ideal for walk, trot and rehabilitation work. We configure the different models from 4 horse to 6 horse set ups.

    Horse Exercisers became popular with the horse race community three decades ago. The machines were often used to warm up, cool down and integrate off track day workouts for horses. Horse Exercisers are now used by trainers in all competitive horse disciplines. This is especially true with the endurance community. Endurance horses are conditioned to perform over long distances at moderate speeds. The machine in no way eliminates important trail ride time and training. The machine does allow supplemental training to build horse exercise capacity, stamina and endurance with recovery day training. Owning a EuroXciser provides a competitive edge, opens training options and helps manage the work load time with your horses.

    Find out more about our machines at EuroXciser.com