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Endurance Net is the premier website for the sport of Endurance and Long Distance Equestrian Riding. Founded in 1995, Endurance Net is the primary Web/Internet resource for news, classifieds, reference, information, announcements, event coverage and more. The Internet discussion forum Ridecamp@endurance.net is read by thousands daily.

EnduranceNet also provides web and internet coverage of major National and International Endurance events. The immediacy and excitement of special event coverage is an important aspect of Endurance.Net's service to the Endurance community. Endurance Net provides news, images and coverage of important Endurance Events.

Once a Month!
Once a month our advertisers will have the opportunity to send a promotional message to the thousands of members of Ridecamp@endurance.net - the most established discussion forum for endurance and distance riding in the world, and on our FB, Instagram, and Twitter channels. Sales, new products, announcements... get the word out every month!

For further questions, or to begin advertising on Endurance Net, please contact us by email.

Info on Rates & Banner Placement

Premium Banner & Event Coverage: Triple wide Banner Graphic on Front page Center of Endurance.Net
$500 per event. (Special considerations apply)

All Graphic Banner ads include the alphabetical Advertisers Corner table on the front page of Endurance.Net, plus the far right margin every page.

Top Level Banner: Banner Graphic in Top Right margin of every page of Endurance.Net
1 month: $500, 3 months: $1425, 6 months: $2550, 12 months: $4800

Second Level Banner: Banner Graphic in Center Right margin of every page.
1 month: $250, 3 months: $713, 6 months: $1275, 12 months: $2400

Check it Out Banner: Banner Graphic in upper upper right margin of every page of Endurance.Net
(*this location is shared by several (2-5) advertisers, and a different ad will appear in each of the Check It Out banner slots with each new visit or browser refresh)
1 month: $94, 3 months: $267, 6 months: $478, 12 months: $900

Advertisers Corner: Alphabetical listing on front page of www.Endurance.Net plus listing in right margin of all other pages.
1 month: $50, 3 months: $143, 6 months: $255, 12 months: $480

Market Place Listings
All Endurance.Net advertisers will be included in the Market Place listings at no charge.
If you are not a regular advertiser, a Market Place listing may be placed at $10/month or $100 per year.

Bookstore, Hoofcare Boots & Shoes, Horses, Saddles & Pads, Tack & Gear, Truck & Trailer

Do you have a one-time article you'd like published on our channels? The cost is $35. It does need to be endurance related.... if it's about pets it should appeal to our endurance riders and their pets.
We will of course check your article for proper links - no spam please.

Endurance Net Disclaimer

We reserve the right to remove your ad/s if your content is misleading or offensive, with no refund. Please be appropriate.

The information found on the EnduranceNet website, including the Ridecamp@endurance.net email list service, Ridecamp, is provided for entertainment and reference only.

Endurance Net does not specifically endorse or recommend any organizations, companies or individuals referenced on the Endurance Net website, or in the Ridecamp list service. Endurance Net expressly excludes liability for any damage, loss or injury that may be suffered as a result of information or opinions expressed on Endurance Net, www.endurance.net, or the Ridecamp@endurance.net discussion forum.