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Re: RC: Going girthless

What an appropriate thread!
My stallion flat out bucked me off yesterday!  Splash wasn't being
really bad or anything.....just being a young horse.  I got his head up
after the first couple of jumps, but he gave me two more spinning left
and I couldn't stay with him. I was able to roll a little, but still
took a big hit on the back of my shoulder.  I do typically ride with a
not-so-tight girth.  I suspect that the reason he finally got rid of me
on that last jump is that the saddle slipped. Jon (hubby) was out with
me and
Splash didn't run off.  So, I was able to grab him before he made any
trouble. Lo and behold, the girth was really loose (much looser than I
leave it) when I went to mount up again.  I took an inventory and
decided nothing was broken (human, horse or saddle).  With Jon's help, I
got back on and found a couple of steep hills to take the wind out of
Mr. Hormone.  But, after about a half-hour, I knew I had torn something
loose in my shoulder and leg (inner thigh). So we hobbled home and Jon
took me for x-rays. Separated shoulder. The leg is actually better
today, some seriously pulled muscles, but they'll heal fine I think. The
shoulder is pretty much useless and hurts enough that I eagerly consume
the pain pills that also nauseate me a bit.

So, is there a "Newbie's First Wreck Club" or some kind of honorary
membership I'm eligible for now? This must be worth *something*!  I
haven't been honest to God *bucked off* since 1989.  Hopefully it's a
true 10-year humbling cycle that won't need repeating as I was only just
barely starting to get arrogant about lie.

Kirsten (the raving left-handed typist)

Kirsten (Price) Foruria
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno, Nevada

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