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Newbie First Wreck Club

> So, is there a "Newbie's First Wreck Club" or some kind of honorary
> membership I'm eligible for now? This must be worth *something*!  I

I'm new to endurance riding (not riding, just "true" endurance), so I may
not be able to answer this.  But I *think* that the wreck must happen within
the confines of an actual endurance ride that you had to pay for and drive
several hours for.  Good luck with that, though!!!  :)

> haven't been honest to God *bucked off* since 1989.  Hopefully it's a

Apache regularly bucks.  It's a whole other gait for him! :)  He flipped me
over his head yesterday as I was headed for Grindstone mountain for a quick
uphill workout.  I landed lightly on my feet.  Knock on wood, but I haven't
had a serious accident with Pache yet (5 months and counting!).  A few
sprained toes, pulled hamstrings and hipflexors, and severe scrapping of the
back when trying to TROT under a fallen tree that I have to hang off him
sideways when bareback.  I was stupid to try to go under it (HE decided to
trot...I wanted him to walk) while saddled (without getting off).  Anyway,
that's it for me so far.  (with Pache)  Now if you want to hear horror
stories, I've got them, but that's another time and another e-mail!  :)

   Chattanooga, TN

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