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Re: RC: trailer horse back

> Equines disqualified by the vets must not continue on. This 
practice by a rider is considered grounds for barring
>that ride from future rides.
>To me this means the horse is either trailered back 

Doesn't say trailered back by whom.  I saw a reason for this rule a few
years back.  I was working at a ride where a rider  in the 100 was pulled
by the vets and she was mad because she said her horse was fine.  To
prove a point she rode him back to camp.  The concern is that the horse
not be ridden on.  If management has a crappy trailer, there's no reason
not to wait for your own to come get you.

However...sometimes what your horse wouldn't stand for at home, he's
happy to hop into at a ride.  I felt Kaboot go off a little at 40 miles
at the Graniteville Gallop.  I lead him out to the nearest paved road and
saw a stock trailer headed back towards camp and flagged them down. 
Kaboot was more than happy to jump from the pavement up through a little
sliding cattle door that had a very low roof.  I was more than happy to
hop into the front seat with a man I didn't know.  Sometimes your
standards are different during competition. 


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