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Re: RC: tying-up

Linda Flemmer wrote:
> As this problem has not been found in the other breeds that they examined,
> I would feel safe that the Arab you are looking at probably doesn't have
> this affliction (assuming her dam isn't an anglo arab).

While there hasn't been studies or funding to look into the cause and
genetic factors that may or may not cause tying up in endurance arabs, I
would error on the side of caution. Just because it hasn't been looked
at and studied doesn't mean that there could be a relation. Maybe it's a
genetic predisposition of higher enzyme levels, or lack of or... It
seems that in many cases (not all) the horse has a predisposition for
tying up. If your horse ties up once, chances are that it will tie up
again and the really sad part of it all, is there is no reason that can
be found and no cure, although through keen observation some people can
manage their horse. I heard one vet say that her horse is sure to tie up
if the trailer ride is over 9 hours. She manages the horse by not
trailering to far away rides. There is nothing more disappointing and
sad then a horse who has all the "right stuff" but continues to tie up. 


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