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Loose Girth

Riding with a loose girth is usually fine but don't try a sharp turn at
high speed!!  I found this out when competitiveness kicked in playing some
novelties, you know the game where you race down, saddle up horse then race
back.  Hubby held stirrup on other side of horse for me to leap on while
girth was only attached to the first holes on each side, I forgot that
there were trees and spectators etc to be dodged just after the finish
line, and it was the first time I'd let us go flat gallop all day!!! 
Thankfully horse was so worried about this strange thing attached to his
side (slipped saddle) that he thought he'd better find that nice man he
knows (hubby) to see if he could get rid of it!!

& Mariah (why don't we get to go that fast every day, and where were you
after the turn!)

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