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Re: RC: RC:Girth tightness

I had some 'druthers' about riding 'girthless' with crupper and martingale
also, since it does seem a 'tad' dangerous...but then so does riding a
saddle without a girth.  I remember this in an article a hundred years ago,
it seems....and I believe the gentleman's horse had such good withers, that
he went from a loose girth (daylight between horse and girth) to girthless.
The other rigging was to stablilze the saddle on up hills and down hills.  I
myself, would rather fall clean away then be hung up by rigging fore and
aft.  I have seen individuals mount so lightly and quickly that the saddle
never moved (obviously good withers and quick step), but that is not the
case with me (the step part).


Linda Cowles wrote:

> Jerry and Melanie Johnson wrote:
> >
> > Pardon my foggy old brain, but wasn't there an endurance rider who
> > preferred to ride with NO girth?  Seems to me he used a martingale and
> > crupper....
> >
> > Melanie Johnson
> One person who did this was Dr. Kerry Ridgway, who completed something
> like the Dru Barner ride up in Georgetown CA, girth less. Kerry likes to
> prove a point. Georgetown is near the Tevis trail, so this isn't Texas
> levy he rode on. Knowing Kerry, the horse was probably fast and hot too.
> I bet he didn't use a crupper, breast collar or martingale (?)...
> putting those on a loose saddle wouldn't <ahem!> be safe.
> Linda, Gilroy CA

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