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Re: RC: RC:Girth tightness

Jerry and Melanie Johnson wrote:
> Pardon my foggy old brain, but wasn't there an endurance rider who
> preferred to ride with NO girth?  Seems to me he used a martingale and
> crupper....
> Melanie Johnson

One person who did this was Dr. Kerry Ridgway, who completed something
like the Dru Barner ride up in Georgetown CA, girth less. Kerry likes to
prove a point. Georgetown is near the Tevis trail, so this isn't Texas
levy he rode on. Knowing Kerry, the horse was probably fast and hot too.
I bet he didn't use a crupper, breast collar or martingale (?)...
putting those on a loose saddle wouldn't <ahem!> be safe.

Linda, Gilroy CA

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