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Re: More Dog fights

>Not only chilling, but if the child had been injured or killed, we all know
>who would have been sued.

Exactly.  It's like a lawsuit going on down here in L.A.---a mother wasn't
watching her child because she was too busy being stoned on drugs, so the
child wandered out the unlocked door, down two blocks, onto the train tracks
where she was hit by a train and killed.  The mother managed to find a
sleazy lawyer to file a lawsuit against Amtrak because they didn't line
their train tracks with fencing to keep her child off the tracks while she
was off busily toasting brain cells.  Incredible.  The irresponsible will
always attempt to place responsibility onto anyone but themselves (which I
guess is kinda the definition of irresponsible, huh?) :-)

Susan G

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