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Re: More Dog fights

In a message dated 3/5/99 10:45:26 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  How to
 solve the problem when an idiot vet can't control his own dog, I dunno.
 Seems to me the ride vet should be taking the higher road and setting the
 example, not adding to the problem, but that's just IMO and maybe I'm just
 too impatient and crabby about that kind of behavior. :-) >>

The vet is a really nice man (definitely not an idiot) and he was SO
embarassed that he apologized profusely and never brought the dog again.  I
don't hold it against him, and he learned a valuable lesson.  The lesson was
passed on to the riders because we passed the story around (not naming names,
of course).  It's the "my dogs are the exception to the rule" people who are
hard to deal with.


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