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Re: RideCamp: Re: Making a list of Camp Rules

Most of the clubs around here state that stallions must have special 
permission from the trail boss. That way they can allow stallions that 
are under control and remove those who are not. 
Nancy Mitts

>Subject: RideCamp:   Re: Making a list of Camp Rules

>Yes, there are some who do not control their stallions. We have a
>stallion that you can ride next to anything and he behaves, but I have
>seen out of control and loose stallions cause other people and horses a
>lot of damage, including putting one young girl in the hospital. Their
>is some difference between endurance rides and trail rides. Around here
>I don't know of one saddle club that allows stallions. That is because
>some of the people who attend trail rides do not put the time and
>training into their animals as most endurance riders do. That can make 
>big difference in the behavior of an stallion. I know it is not fair
>that a few irresponsible horse owners ruin it for the the majority. But
>unfortunatly that is the way it is. :-)
>Visions of the Wind wrote:

>> *  No stallions

>> I find this disturbing! While I realize that there are some out there 
who do

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