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RE: RideCamp: First outing surprise

> Fred (my 19 year-old gelding) and I went on our very first official
> conditioning ride yesterday (remember me?  the newbie). I got a real

Congratulations!  I have been on about 3 "official" training rides this
season.  I, too, am a newbie, although I cringe at the term.  To me, it
means somebody new at computers specifically, and new at computers, I'm not!
:)  Anyway...

I think it's great that your husband can help you train!  It's a lot of fun
to ride with somebody else.  It's a good idea, too, with the bike/horse

I've never had my horse, Apache, get that excited about somebody in front of
him, and definitely not a person on a bike (the helmet, the goggles, the
squeaking, he'll stand stock-still and stare at it while he
quivers...deciding whether to attack or run, I guess!), but a couple of days
ago a friend wanted to ride, so we went on a short 5 mile trek through the
ridges near the pasture.  Pache and I have been on those trails several
times in the last 2 weeks alone.  But with Desert Wind there, he was ready
to go.  I had to fight to keep him back; and up one particularly steep hill,
I lost my hold on his reins (not him...I didn't fall!), and he shot up that
hill until he caught up.

Maybe Fred thought your husband was on a strange little horse and didn't
want to be left behind!  LOL.  It IS fun to ride for a long time!  I just
have to remember to bring those granola bars for the longer rides...Low
blood sugar is NOT my friend!  ;)

Have fun!
   Chattanooga, TN

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