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How to ride in jeans

Hello out there in Endurance Land,
I have ridden in jeans all my life. When I was a kid I thought the owies
were normal but now I've  fixed 'em.  I use a pair of jeans that have
reached the comfortable stage of wear, turn them inside out and iron
(that's a four letter word I know) the inside leg seam flat. Use only the
kind that has a simple regular seam like you would find on the inside of a
shirt. Then duct tape the seam to the pantleg from just below the crotch to
just above the ankle using one continuous piece of tape with no folds in it
to keep it from getting a mind of it's own in the middle of your ride. Wear
panty hose or light weight exercise tights (the kind you get for about $5
at the drug store) under them. They aren't as flexable as tights when you
try to mount your horse or when walking climbing hills, but I put up with
that since I'm somewhat of a rebel.I have done 100 milers in this gear, and
a few thousand miles of 50's.    Mary Forrester in Oregon

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