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Re: RideCamp: Feeding while travelling

Duncan wrote:

> Apparently the key is keeping the air out and controlling the pH (3.5 to
> 4.5). It is I think fairly widely used in England under the tradename
> HorseHage where it is actually vacuum packed. 

That's right. It is HorseHage that I feed and it 
is vacuum packed. There are other companies that 
make it too but HorseHage seem to have cornered 
the market over here. They are a victim of their 
own success as they have none of the high fibre 
stuff left to sell now so, from next week I am 
going to be using another brand called GoodGrass. 
It is so handy to take to rides with you as it is 
packed in small, wrapped, stackable bales and 
you don't get bits of stuff flying everywhere!

> I have never seen any, but am
> aware of someone on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
> feeding haylage grown and packaged there.

Is this really true? Is haylage-type forage not 
generally available in the US?? I can't believe 
it!! Enormous business opportunity here folks! 

Liz and Basil The Nag

Dr E Carpenter
Institute for Cardiovascular Research
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