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Re: RideCamp: Stallions

I ride a stallion, and altho mine's a sweetheart, he IS a stallion.  You
always have to be on your toes, watching not only the stallion, but what
others are doing around him.    People don't think & walk their horses right
under his nose or behind him, or let their horses sniff noses with the
stallion (I have about 2 seconds to pull him away or scream at the other
person to get their horse away before the stallion strikes).  I don't blame
others ----  if I bring the stallion it is my responsibility to make sure he
is socialized & keep a close eye out for potential problems (altho, I do
appreciate when others keep their horses a safe distance away!)
I spent a long time carefully training him to be around other horses & on the
trail & in camp so that he would not be problem.
With a social riding group, where people may not be the most experienced with
horses, banning stallions may be the safest thing to do.  If you have a member
that wishes to bring a stallion, perhaps that member & the stallion can go on
a trial run with some of the more experienced members of the group to see how
well socialized the stallion is. Would recommend that a jr not be allowed to
ride a stallion. 
Like Maryann's colt, from his first day, my stallion was turned out with a
gelding & his dam (except when she was in season), and it sure taught him
horse manners.  

Tempo (but I'm really a nice guy, really!)

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