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RE: RideCamp: Feeding while travelling

Hi Cindy!

> Not in South Africa either - I was absolutely shocked when I was in the
> UK seeing all these funny wrapped bales of "mouldy" grass being fed,
> until someone explained how it is done - I couldn't understand how the
> grass stayed edible in a plastic bag...

It isn't mouldy <g>. Blue or green mould is 
dangerous and you only get that if the bag has 
been incorrectly sealed or has gotten torn  - 
letting the air in.

Occasionally you might get slight yeasty plaques 
(white only) on the very edges of the bale but 
this is not dangerous. Sometimes you open the bag 
and it smells vinegary. This indicates that 
something has gone wrong and the bag has gone 
'off'. As long as you use it within the 
sell-by-date, any opened 'off' or mouldy bags are 
replaced FOC by the vendor - no quibble. Once 
opened you must use the bag within 3-6 days 
(unless it is very hot outside...they last less 
long in very hot weather). I use about 2 bags a 
week for my 'easy keeper' (good doer) 14.1 hh 
Heinz 57 pony who is turned out during the day 
and is stabled at night.


Liz and Basil The Nag

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