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Trail Etiquette/Rules/Sponsor?

 Hi JanetB & all the good people at RideCamp:
  My 14-year old daughter is entering her second organized ride. I just
realized from reading JanetB's note that we haven't covered trail etiquette
with her.  I have never ridden in an event so I don't know what scenarios
come up out there on the trail.
   One thing that happened on our first, and only event, was that Billie,
the horse, was pulled at mile 23. This was good because he was hot and
needed to stop for the day.  But the vet check where he was pulled was 7
miles out and the ride people insisted that he travel in THEIR trailer back
to camp. I need to know what options, if any, we have at this point?   Can
the rider lead their horse, or ride him, down the trail after all horses
have gone by?  What rules are in place to cover this occurrence?
    Our problem is that Billie is 20 years old and not easily trained to do
new things... like go in a trailer.  We worked very hard at getting him to
like the trailer, but after he was forced into the RESCUE trailer, he has
renewed fear or hatred for them.  This happened about 6 weeks ago and he is
just now starting to load again.
    Also, I need a sponsor for the FEC 25.  Given this little bit of
background, is there anyone out there who would take a chance to sponsor
this junior and her horse on March 13?
   Thanks for all the information that is available here on RideCamp.
   Sherman, and Natalie,  in the north Florida backwoods community of

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