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Re: RideCamp: Re:RideCamp:Making a list of Camp Rules

We have that rule too, but the poster had already had that rule written
down. I thought there was no reason to repeat it. 


John B.Ayers wrote:
> Lynette,
> You left out an IMPORTANT one!
> I'm a dog lover and my Springer is allowed to "roam free" at home.
> She NEVER goes more than 100 feet from the house alone.  When
> we travel she is not  happy to be on a leash,  but we feel that this is
> basic courtesy to our neighbors and we would not want her to get
> hurt or lost!
> John and Meshack
> (Vermont Equestrian Activities)
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> From: Lynette Helgeson <>
> To: <>
> Cc: Ridecamp <>
> Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 6:00 PM
> Subject: RideCamp: Re:RideCamp:Making a list of Camp Rules
> >Here are some our saddle club has:
> >*  Everyone is responsible for their own lodging, children and horse.
> >*  No loose horses in camp.
> >*  No stallions
> >*  No alcohol allowed while wagon is moving or riding horseback.
> >*  Language appropriate for family atmosphere.
> >*  Under 18 must be accompanied by adult supervision.
> >*  Everyone rides at your own risk
> >*  All participants on the ride (including youngsters) will serve on
> >camp duties and K.P. duties.
> >*  All camp sites will be VERY clean before leaving camp.
> >*  Courtesy and good horsemanship must be in use at all times.
> >*  Appropriate tack and extra tack in case of breakage.
> >*  Respect private property and do not ride in farmers seeded fields.
> >
> >Our saddle club has been in existence for 10 years. This is some of the
> >rules that they feel are important.
> >
> >Lynette

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