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Re: RideCamp: Re:RideCamp:Making a list of Camp Rules


You left out an IMPORTANT one!


I'm a dog lover and my Springer is allowed to "roam free" at home.
She NEVER goes more than 100 feet from the house alone.  When
we travel she is not  happy to be on a leash,  but we feel that this is
basic courtesy to our neighbors and we would not want her to get 
hurt or lost!

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities)

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Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 6:00 PM
Subject: RideCamp: Re:RideCamp:Making a list of Camp Rules

>Here are some our saddle club has:
>*  Everyone is responsible for their own lodging, children and horse.
>*  No loose horses in camp.
>*  No stallions
>*  No alcohol allowed while wagon is moving or riding horseback.
>*  Language appropriate for family atmosphere.
>*  Under 18 must be accompanied by adult supervision.
>*  Everyone rides at your own risk
>*  All participants on the ride (including youngsters) will serve on
>camp duties and K.P. duties.
>*  All camp sites will be VERY clean before leaving camp.
>*  Courtesy and good horsemanship must be in use at all times.
>*  Appropriate tack and extra tack in case of breakage.
>*  Respect private property and do not ride in farmers seeded fields.
>Our saddle club has been in existence for 10 years. This is some of the
>rules that they feel are important.

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