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Re: full recovery at vet checks?

I've been following the carbo/fat discussion with interest, but not being the
scientific type, I'm not sure I've understood the ramifications.  But jumping
right in, I'll ask a dumb question.
My horses usually take about 2 hrs, sometimes a little less, on each leg of
the 50's that I do.  Fortunately, they are voracious eaters, snagging grass
the minute I jump off to hand my rider card to the  timekeeper.  I have grain
(12%fat/12% protein), alfalfa, timothy or orchard grass hay available, &
sometimes there is nice grass at the vet stop.  They sometimes go for the
alfalfa first, sometimes the grain.  Seem to partake of some of everything by
the time we have to go.  Since they devour grain at the pit stop, it appears
to me they are getting some carbos. If the horse eats the grain well, will
that serve to "carbo load/replenish" it?  They also drink well, get their
electrolytes (doesn't seem to deter them at all from eating).  I started using
probiotics last yr on the rides, not sure if it helped or not, as it was more
a precaution than a fix to any problem.
They eat well during the night before the ride; I give them several small
grain meals during the night (sounds like I carbo load???).  
At some of the summer, mountainous rides, we slow down for the
midday/afternoon legs & take over 2 hours (maybe 3 hrs).  If I pack some grain
to feed along the way on these longer legs, will that work to keep them carbo
Comments from the nutritionally knowledgable???

Kadance & Tempo whose motto is: Eat anywhere, anytime

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