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Re: Fats and Carbs in primitive places

In a message dated 2/20/99 1:32:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Here in Egypt our horses get either unrolled (my lucky folk get it soaked)
 barley and whatever is passing for green at a particular season...right now
 that's a form of lucerne, and later it will be another type of lucerne if I
 can find it and young sorghum stalks if I can't.  Some people add corn or
 dried fava (otherwise known as 'horse') beans to the diet as well. There are
 also locally produced pellets that are made up of said lucerne, some barley,
 some corn, and various minerals.
 And that's it.  No hay is available at all.  We do get bran and rice straw
 chopped up in tiny pieces, and carrots (in the winter) are wonderfully
 cheap, as are sweet potatoes in summer. >>

Sounds like you can still come up with a pretty reasonable roughage source
between the lucerne and the bran and rice straw.  Barley (in my experience) is
a good substitute for oats, but you have to feed less of it.  Corn, carrots,
and sweet potatoes all would seem to be pretty decent carb sources.  Similar
recipe, different ingredients...  (I would presume that the nifty "green
stuff" we had at the WEC in the UAE was likely lucerne of some sort??)


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