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Re: Fats and Carbs in primitive places

> Since equinely speaking we are about >a>century behind, we >still have
some of the working endurance types, but>they're not >in as good shape I
bet as in the States.

Maryanne!  You have soooo much to learn about salesmanship!  First, You
are in the driver's seat here.  You're over there at the "Cradle of the
Arab Horse".  You should lay it on thick about how the best horses were
NEVER traded...but hint that to some VERY special people you'd consider
an export here and there.

 Then, start preying on people with money who desperately need to get rid
of some of it.  Sure, over there ya'll think the States has it all...but
over here, the ones with REAL money  want an IMPORTED horse (this isn't
common with endurance folks, but we're getting new types in all the
time).  Who better than you to take them to the cleaners?

While you're at it, make SURE you become their Egyptian supplier of
chopped rice straw!  In no time, you could be shipping it over here in
vast quantities to people who are just certain that since it's imported,
it MUST be superior to any hay they could possibly get.

You're sitting on a gold mine girl. :-)

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