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Police Officers & Endurance Riding

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From: Denise Jenkins 

I have received a lot of good information from good people at ridecamp.  They have been especially patient with my "beginners" stumbling around!  I was distressed to see the note sent to jpcornes from gesahorsfx. 

First, I wondered why anyone would jump to a conclusion that someone was "knocking" policeman??  Maybe a personal problem I thought.  Well, anyway, I would like to know that Ridecamp is and will continue to be a "safe" place where newcomers can ask their "maybe" silly little questions.  I for one would not ask a question on here if I didn't totally admire and respect the people that ride endurance.  I feel sure for the most part I am getting it from the "horses mouth"!!

In other words, let's help one another not discourage!


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