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carbs/fats (here we go again! long msg.)

OK, I am very curious, and am obviously a sucker for this stuff, but
here goes anyway:

Can someone out there give us a list of examples of high carb horse

And how about high fat?

That way we can see for ourselves what we're putting into these guys.
I for one didn't expect to see carrots as a carb. (I guess I should
have known, since I do know they have natural sugars in them) Fill us
in please!

Now, if I feed fats during training and conditioning rides (BTW, I
feed about 1/2 cup corn oil every evening - it helps the rolled oats
stick to the VitE/Se powder) and then give small amts. of carbs during
a ride (is this what I think I understand Susan that you are

Now back to the tying up horse:

Should we have any blood tests on him right now? (Not really training
or conditioning yet, will be starting in March when we get shoes.) 

With this horse, both tie-up episodes were soooo completely different!
1.  cold, no rump rug, electrolytes the night before and 2 hours
before the ride, and the stress of trailering and the excitement of
the ride itself.
2.  Hot muggy day, no electolytes at all, no stress, riding with his
barn buddy and he got to be in front where he is comfortable. 
And we know that he is not seriously deficient in selenium, although
at the time he could have been lower.

Now ti, what is your year round general feeding program for an
athletic, lean smooth muscled,(year round) horse? (Remember we're
talking GENERAL and use laymen's terms please!:)

Susan if you would also be so generous as to give me your idea of
where to start with a year round feeding program. 

Since we are getting ready to start training soon, imagine that he is
being ridden 3 days per week, approx. 5-10 miles per ride. 

We can worry about rides and feed for that area later. Our first ride
will probably be Marilyn Milestone's Klickitat Trek, June 26 (I
think.) We will start the year with a 25. It's pretty flat and can be

Thanks all, and although I was going insane with that last thread
(that I am continuing) this must show how sadistic I can truly be!<:)

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