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Re: Police Officers & Endurance Riding

Well, I wouldn't be asking if I did know the answer .........

I am asking because I do not know what the time commitments for police
officers are compared to other positions.  Some of my past positions would not
allow me to compete because my job was my life.  My current job is very
flexible with lots of vacation and it does make a difference in how easy it is
to train, get time off to go to ride (especially those that are 10+ hours
away).   Currently I have the luxury of taking 2 days of vacation for many of
the rides I go to.  I typically leave Thursday afternoon, get a hotel Thurs.
nite, get to camp mid-day on Friday and then have a casual return on Monday.
Call me spoiled, but it's how I enjoy competing.  If, and when, conditioning
becomes more of a chore than recreation and enjoying my horse; when I have to
drive to a ride late on Friday nite and pull-in in the middle of the night,
that does not meet my definition of fun and therefore I will not be competing.
Please don't flame me for not be ultra devoted -- it's my hobby only and I
don't do it to win, and I'm in it for relaxation and fun!!

If being a police officer means I have to condition and compete under
difficult circumstances then I need to a) choose another profession or b)
choose another equestrian hobby.

So, I am trying to get an idea from others as to how they handle it.
Thanks for your reply.

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