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Re: Police Officers & Endurance Riding

I dont really understand where you are coming from with your question.  Police
officers are PEOPLE.  People ride endurance.   What difference does it make
what their vocation or job is???  My friend is a deputy sherrif and was long
listed for the PanAm games until she was injured.  My husband, my sister, my
brother in-law and some of our good friends are/were in law enforcement.  They
all love horses and yes some do ride in endurance.  Quite a few of my clients
are in law enforcement and compete in equestrian events.  Like I said, PEOPLE
ride endurance.  If you are referring to the hours and getting time off, it
can be arranged same as any other shift work type job. Waitresses ride
endurance too,  heaven knows a lot of them work odd hours.  You know what
else...the horse doesnt care either.

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