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RE:Stone Bruise Care and Rehab

This is a problem that we fight every winter.  Here in California our
horses live in mud in the winter and it makes them very susceptible to
stone bruises.  Often these bruises turn into abscesses.  If  the bruise
has progressed to an abscess it has to be opened up to drain.  With any
problem of this sort, it is important to be sure that the horse is
healed before returning to work.

I tried something new last year and it really seems to work.  It is a
product called Crossapol.  It is a crosslink aldehyde polymer that is
claimed to actually increase horn strength and seal out excess
moisture.  The address for the company that makes it is INTERHOOF
INTERNATIONAL, INC., PO box 1135, Middlebburg, Va 20118.  Their phone is
1-888-439-0010.  Delta Horseshoe also carries this as I imagine most
good farrier supply companies do.

Phil Gardner

My questions are as follows:

I have a 50 mile ride next weekend.  Should I scratch him from the ride
and give him a few
weeks to recover (our next ride is March 20)?

Should I attempt to nurse him back into soundness within the next 7

I reviewed the archives and noticed that excessive moisture promotes
abscesses.  Should I pull
him in to let his hoof dry out?  I plan to pack it with an Epsom salt
and iodine mixture as
Heidi Smith suggested.

I worry that keeping him in might make him susceptible to tying up if I
end up taking him to
the ride.  The plan for the ride was a VERY SLOW 50.

As you can tell, I have limited experience with hoof problems.  I have
had Spanky for two years
and this is the first time I have dealt with this.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Please respond to


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