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Re: Both fats & carbs

In a message dated 2/19/99 11:13:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Question, and I do not have the nutritional know how and understanding
 of how and when types of energy sources best benefit the endurance horse
 but would like very much to know why not feed alittle of both fats and
 carbs during training and competetion.   Would feeding fat only during
 training and then switiching to carbs at the ride not cause problems
 with the  system that has to change to a different energy source.  All
 living creatures need both.  If you could explain in simple language,
 would be appreciated. Linda
 Linda Eisele & Sareei and             >>

Fat and carbohydrate compete--and carbohydrate wins when it's available. In
feeding high fat diets, the primary benefit is glycogen-sparing. That is, you
don't have to feed as much carbohydrate in order to keep muscle glycogen
stores elevated. Fat also keeps the muscle cells supplied with lipolytic
enzymes so that when glycogen/glucose stores run low, the muscle cells are
ready to switch fuels. 

However, if on the day of competition you feed potent carbohydrate
periodically (carrots, for example) then the onrush of blood glucose will
inhibit the burning of fat. What that means is that, on the day of
competition, you either decide to go with fat as the primary fuel, or with
carbohydrate. If it's carbohydrate, then you have to supplement it frequently
during the ride (roughly every 2 hours). 


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