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Hi, campers,

 In my humble opinion, ponies (Shetlands), despite their close resemblance to
horses, aren't equines at all. They are many things, all unprintable in this
family oriented forum, but they aren't domesticated animals, not by a long

 The one and only pony I rode when I was a kid could flip his curb bit upside
down.  Then, with the shanks pointing skyward, he'd RUN.......this, from an
animal who fifteen minutes before had been walking at a snails pace, groaning
and coughing and rolling his eyes, trying his best to convince you that  he
was about to die. 

And he wouldn't just run...he'd go with a definite goal in mind. He'd make a
beeline for the biggest tree he could see and abruptly remove the poor
unfortunate soul on his back .  If by some miracle you were still hanging on,
he'd drop his shoulders..still at a dead run, mind you, until you came off. I
NEVER came home the same way I left, on his back. Walking and crying, either
bark torn, mud covered or breathless from going over his head.. I always came
off. I never learned much horsemanship on Rocky..but I sure learned about
falling off.....
I love horses.........but somehow, when I think of the equines waiting for me
when I make it to the Rainbow Bridge, I don't think Rocky is going to be
there.........I sure hope not, because I may just kill the little

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