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Re: mules

Dear David:

I am a mule owner and want to tell you that all mules DONOT turn in
slightly at the patterns please have the farrier look at the animal to
correct this.  I have a mule that is wonderful.  She can go longer than a
horse, she is more agile than a horse,Mules tend to make better choices
they will not put themselves in danger.  When I ride with my daughter her
horse is dieing after two hours and my mule is still fresh and ready to go.

> From: David Freed <>
> To:
> Subject: mules
> Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 11:39 PM
> Okay, mule-folks:  Am I correct to assume mule conformation should be
> similar to what we seek in horse conformation for endurance?   A fellow
> out at my barn alluded to me taking his mule on an endurance ride
> (after conditioning, of course.)    I do feed her carrots but don't know
> ANYTHING about working with these creatures.  I probably won't do it
> anyway since I really enjoy working with my own animal...and am still
> shopping  but did wonder about ability.  This is a molly mule,  tall (16
> hands, at least) and not overly muscled bu her front legs are not
> straight.  She turns out slightly at the pasterns.   Do all mules do
> this?  Sorry, but I've never looked at one up close!   jan

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