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Re: mules


If you look at a mule's body, forgetting about the ears, you should look for
what you look for in a horse.   Straight pasterns and shoulders mean the same
thing in a mule as in a horse usually a rough ride.  Legs do better when they
are straight, just like on a horse.  

Generally mules don't have heavy muscling like a horse can.  Some QH and draft
mules have more.  The light muscling, like Arabs, make them very suited for
endurance.  They are very sure footed.  

Mules really aren't all that stubborn, they just have more sense than a horse.
A mule cannot be worked to death like a horse.  It will quit first.

If I had a mule offered to me to ride endurance and I liked it, I would jump
at the chance!


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