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bucking pony

We had one pony who liked to throw in a buck every now and again.  We 
tried a couple of things that helped the kid stay on.  One is a 
pelham bit that you mentioned as the girls were able to keep the pony's 
head up better.  We used a converter instead of double reins.  Also used 
a grab strap across the pommell of the saddle, helps the kids pull 
themselves down into the saddle, or a neckstrap sort of does the same 
thing, it was an old stirrup leather.  As the kids developed a better 
seat and didn't come off the pony anymore when she bucked, she quit 
bucking.  Her next trick was to lay down while the kids were riding when 
she didn't want to do this anymore.  Usually it was after we had been 
out for an hour or so. My daughters rode in an all purpose type 
english saddle, the knee rolls helped to keep them from pitching forward 
too much.  It's hard not too worry, but if she is so enthusiastic whe 
will want to perserve and will develop into a stronger rider.  My oldest 
daughter was like that, and that pony wasn't going to get the best of 
her, but basically like you I felt the pony was safe, and I would ride 
it every week or so just to keep her thinking.  Hovever, my youngest 
daughter was a timid rider and fortunately by the time she got the pony 
handed down to her she was child proof. Good luck its lots of fun to 
have the kids to ride with.  Louise

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