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Ohio Valley Equine Trails Symposium

OHIO VALLEY EQUINE TRAILS SYMPOSIUM was heald last weekend in Florence, KY
and it was a success!  We had excellent speakers, alot of good discussion
and networking. 
 Topics covered were- Rails to Trails by Bob Strosnider of Ky RTT
 Trail Accessibility for Riders with Disabilities by Kathy Splinter from
Bog Abatement by Brenda Jenkins of Agra Sales
 KY Recreational Trails Program by Jim Barker from KY Dept. of Local Gov.
The Wrangles Horse Camp Experience by Jerry Conley of TN Valley Authority
Trail Closures in the Shawnee National Forest by Bill and Cheryl Blackorby
from Shawnee Trails Conservancy
Harmony with the Environment by Judy Iburg from Big South Fork National 
River and Recreation Area, National Parks Service
Leave no Trace by Jorge Hershel from USFS
Trails System Conservation Planning by Gene Wood from Clemson University,
South Carolina
	Each day ended with  question and answer sessions.

OVETS was in direct response to the  National Symposium on Horse Trails in
Forest Ecosystems held in the fall  at Clemson to bring this information to
the Ohio Valley area.  The symposium was put together in a short period of
time  but it was successful and reached a wide audience.
Planning is underway for next year.  If you'd like to help please email
Greg Jones at

Mary Lynn

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