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Re: Wilderness Designations

>Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:26:36 -0800
>To: connie B Berto <>
>From: Nancy DuPont <>
>Subject: Re: Wilderness Designations
>In-Reply-To: <>
>References: <004701be5a2a$6ee85a00$86378ed1@oemcomputer>
>As George Cardinet says and lives by: "We must practice good land
management" and that includes responsible grazing rules such as "animal
unit months" for limited grazing. That refers to how many animals can graze
per month on a given acreage without overgrazing.
>Residual Biomass in the high sierra is a buzz word for measuring and
controlling what plant life is left over and how fast it can recover.
>In Meadow Mountain management classes, the best way to preserve meadows is
not to forbid certain uses, but when it gets down to a minimum level for
recovery next year, that is the guideline for no more use.  Not from
squirrels, cows or horses. Until it reaches that minimum, we can use it for
>These are the things we should focus on rather than banning a whole
segment of users to keep something pristine. 
>It is like caring for a garden.
>At 03:07 AM 2/17/99 EST, you wrote:
>>Right, Steven, we all can agree that  land must be preserved if it is to
>>be there for us to use in the future.  To repeat  what I said,  there are
>>other more user-friendly designations for public land that will also
>>preserve the resource, than creating wilderness areas with our tax
>>dollars and then locking us out.   Connie B.
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